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What Does the Future hold for Transportation?



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Vision Statement
  • What Does the Future Hold?

    • What is OttoWagon and why did we choose this name? Basically the Name is a play on words for Automatic and Wagon trains that moved Westward in the expansion of the United States.But when you see the term OttoWagon on our site it may be an informal reference to a Passenger Pod, Car, Truck, SUV that is in some way Automated to a various Level. 

    • The future Vision: 30 years out we believe the future for OttoWagons will be not be a Car Truck or SUV with retrofitting but a type of Ride Hailing Subscription Service. A User will hailing an OttoWagon that is controlled by an App using GIS or other type of Mapping Technology. It will have the ability to be able to "Talk" to other OttoWagons and various smart road objects or SROs. At first we feel the speed will be limited to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and grow as infrastructure improves.

    • New Vehicle ownership will drop due to a lack of need. 

    • Older, Handicapped, Commuter traffic will open up new Avenues for Housing, Transportation.  

    • Objects in this Website will support this theory. 

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