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What Does the Future Hold for Battery & Electric Tech?

Battery & Electric Infrastructure News 

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Vision Statement
  • What Does the future Hold? 

    • Given the OttoWagon Vision : 30 years out we believe the future for OttoWagons will be not be a Car Truck or SUV with retrofitting but a type of Ride Hailing Subscription Service. A User will hailing an OttoWagon that is controlled by an App using GIS or other type of Mapping Technology. It will have the ability to be able to "Talk" to other OttoWagons and various smart road objects or SROs. At first we feel the speed will be limited to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and grow as infrastructure improves.

    • To Support this 30 Year theory in a 90% reduction on Engines and a Movement to Electric Motors will take place. 

    • Battery Technology must improve to reliability get to a travel window that is accommodating for users needs. 

    • Infrastructure in the United States and countries around the world will need upgrades. Emerging countries may find themselves ahead of the curve without the traditional fuel sources to update and replace. 

    • Objects in this Website will support this Theory. 

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